The project starts from leather threads, valuing the manual work of various craft techniques, such as braids, cords, chains and fringes.
The balance chains were represented in three-dimensional shape with leather braids and internal steel wire. The fringes, a detail that is in vogue in fashion fashion, and that brings a visual effect of flight in the movement of the swing, from the basic technique of the customized leather cord.
The result is a sophisticated design piece, an indoor swing. Created as a unique work of art, by being hand braided.
Supported weight: 100Kg
Patente requerida: BR 30 2018 001454 5

Curved upholstered wooden upholstery, coated with off-white leather without dyeing/brown/black/fendi Accessories in gold zamack.

Dimensões: A 2,00 X L 0,60 X P 0,30

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