Through the values he inherited from his Italian ancestors and his typically Brazilian originality, a story that intertwines two worlds, design and wine. With this inspirational metaphor, the designer started the sketches for the creation of the Leaf Collection: “Change your leaves, but don't lose your roots”. The leaves in the grape vines bring in their various phases during the four seasons of the year, presenting changes in colors, shapes, dimensions and textures that are represented in the design of the set of coffee tables. With a proposal in the composition of materials and textures that enhance comfort and well-being, they can be used separately or in sets, creating living centers with surprising scenarios. Each piece has a striking detail, just as each wine brings sensory notes in its elaboration. Balls and handles for moving the tables in the environment are meticulous details of the Leaf Collection.

Technical information:
Carbon steel, natural tauari wood, natural walnut wood veneer, leather and marbled glass.

SMM 3070 –
Alt 455mm X Larg 380mm X Prof 755mm
SMM 3072
Alt 460mm X Larg 365mm X Prof 845mm
SMM 3073
Alt 350mm X Larg 490mm X Prof 970mm

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