Abrolhos Collection

As a great differential in manufacturing and technology, the Abrolhos collection includes the application of curved and perforated aluminum sheets that give a contemporary and exclusive look.
The robust table and bench top is made of teak wood, which is a highly resistant wood for outdoor environments, and contrasts with the lightness of the organic aluminum forms of the project.
The all-aluminum chair from any angle reveals good surprises. Bold and fluid, the perforated backrest creates a modern atmosphere of light and shade between filled and empty shapes.

Technical information:
Materials: Aluminum and nautical rope
Table dimensions: H 0.76 / 1.0 X W 2.0 / 2.2 X D 1.00

Materials: Aluminum and perforated aluminum sheet, upholstered cushion
Chair dimensions: H 0.81 X W 0.51 X D 0.60

Materials: Aluminum and nautical rope
Seat dimensions: A 0.44 X 0.42

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