The Studio

Located at Serra Gaúcha – Bento Gonçalves, one of the main furniture hubs in Brazil, an inspiring region for the beautiful landscapes of the vineyards that tell stories through the affective design of the authorial collection.

Since 2004, he has been accumulating experience in several segments, with activities in the fields of design, product development and retail. With a focus on the furniture and decoration segment, affective design has its great differential, putting into effect the concept of “thinking differently” by delivering products to the market that go far beyond aesthetics – offering quality of life to consumers.

Atualmente os produtos do Studio são comercializados em diversos canais físicos e on-line, no Brasil e exterior e na loja física oficial, Studio Marta Manente Galleria.

The Designer

Marta Manente s of Italian descent, her great-grandparents migrated to Brazil in times of war. Centennial history of a family that has always worked with wood logs. It was from her father, a carpenter, that she learned her love for the art of working with furniture.
More than 20 years of experience in the development of contemporary projects for the furniture sector.

Director of Studio Marta Manente Design, which serves important players from Brazil and abroad, who execute a repertoire of avant-garde furniture.

She is an interior decorator, graduated in Technology in Furniture Production and post-graduated in Product Design, with an emphasis on furniture. She worked as a professor of international scenarios for the Specialization course in Design between the Universities of Pordedone, Italy, and Caxias do Sul, RS – Brazil.

-Sofá Flag – Prêmio Objeto Brasil 2016 e Design Challenge NYC 2016
-Chaise Flag wood – Prêmio Hospitalidade – Equipotel 2018 e Visual & Design 2019
-Balanço Revoar em couro – Best in show Abimad 2018
-Coleção Luzeiro – Best in show Abimad 2019
-Coleção Forseti–Wish List Salão de Gramado 2019
-Coleção Fitting- Wish List Salão de Gramado 2019
-Sofá Maré – Salão Design 2022
-Sofá Pietra – Wish List Salão de Gramado 2022

Together with Apexbrasil, he participated in exhibitions at the international fairs Isaloni and Fuore Saloni in Milan, and ICFF in New York in 2016 and 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022. International design weeks in the cities of São Paulo, Milan, Rome, Paris, Stockholm, London, Barcelona and Berlin.


tudio Marta Manente's Galleria is a space designed to provide a warm and unique experience in the interaction with the repertoire of works and the essence of the brand's values.
Each piece has its special place in the permanent, authentic exhibition.
The show room overflows with unique design, which is conceived with affection, creativity, proximity and innovation.

A design that delights the senses and fills the soul.

57 Xingu Street, room 01 - Bento Gonçalves - Serra Gaúcha - Brazil